Monday, November 21, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Review

Hey Guys! Second review finally! And another big game! Yep MW3

Sorry it took me so long to make this review... But I have been playing it so much that I didn't want to get off! And I am the nub who has went straight to Multiplayer of course =P  So I will be playing through the campaign as soon as possible and giving my review on that as well. Ok lets get started!

       Ok lets get right into the nitty gritty stuff you all want to hear. The graphics of this game aren't as great as Battlefield 3's... But they are amazing by Call of Duty's standards. The amount of bullets it takes to kill someone seems good for a war game.

        The different features they have added to the game from the Prestige Shop to the way you level up is all out amazing. The only thing I have found wrong with these new updates is either there are so many its hard to use them all to their max potential. And theater mode now has no lobby. I can't show my friends the hell I raised from the comfort of my couch while on the game. I understand it is to make Call of Duty Elite more popular but really? It was a big hit in Black Ops why take it out?  I am really happy that it automatically records every game. There were a lot of sick shots I had done in a private match on Black Ops that I didn't record. I also like how they incorporate other Call of Duty titles into MW3 with the prestige shop. The more you play on all of Call of Duty the more tokens you have and the more power you will have in game.

       And the Survival Mode OMG I thought Zombies was amazing. This just gives gaming a whole new meaning. The game seems overpowered by the infinite ammo and killstreaks you are able to buy. But with how tough the opponents are and there quantity it gives this game quite a challenge. And I love it! A lot of people were mad that it was only 2 player. But I find this helps a lot more. You can work better with 2 people than with 4. It requires more teamwork and if your partner works well with you. You will go far.

     The Weapon level seems a bit unbalanced in my opinion. I already have a gold UMP45. And when I first started using it and was already in the 20's I was sitting there thinking "Man this is easy... I could have all the guns gold at this rate!" Then I reach level 30 I'm thinking "W00T one more level and I got gold gun!" No... It is harder than that... It no longer took a few matches it took a few days to level up. I understand I aren't the best gamer in the world. But I'm not that bad... And it took forever to get that last level. It just seems unbalanced they should really level out the XP needed to be gained for each level instead of packing in all in on the last level.

   There are a few flaws in this game but the amazing graphics and amazing gameplay make you completely forget about all of them. And instead like of in MW2 which was also a really great game. There is a development team that is still there. And willing to improve this game even after the release. They already have millions of bans waiting for people hacking,cheating,exploiting bugs,etc. They are really showing a lot of effort And I hope this continues. As of right now I give this game based on there multiplayer experience. A 4.5

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